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Best temporary email

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At exactly nine in the morning, there is no need for your managers or coworkers to see that you ordered takeout from "Papa John's" last night, at the same time that you apologized for not having lunch with them by feigning your very strict diet, and certainly you don't want them to discover the silly ongoing dispute between you and the "None" site for a week, or be amazed by the Christmas dream you are eagerly awaiting for example!

Here lies the importance of the temporary email. It is one of the most important and necessary things for the user nowadays due to the huge acceleration witnessed by technology, in addition to the tremendous development witnessed by fraud means on the internet. Therefore, creating a temporary email will help users bypass the problem of phishing and information theft.

All these bad situations may be exposed at once, if you browse your Gmail, notifications will rush from all sites and applications while searching for a specific work email, in few seconds you find yourself inside the Christmas dream eating pizza and getting excited with None and searching for the task you were asked for yesterday!

Best temporary email

But is a temporary email address a secure way? In fact, the mental image formed about the temporary email is that it is rife with risks and hacks, but paradoxically some people use it to feel more secure!

By obtaining a temporary email address, transactions can be isolated from other email addresses used for more important communications. Temporary email addresses can make online activity seem safer because they do not contain personal emails from banks or government agencies, for example, and in the worst case scenario, if the temporary address is hacked, the contained information is less valuable to access and misuse fraudulently.

With more than 2.6 billion active users and over 4.6 billion email accounts in operation, email is by far the most important and widely used means of communication on the internet. But thanks to disposable mail, you will be able to register and receive email in it for a certain period according to the service you will use.

Not to mention the commercial emails and advertisements that will fill your personal email inbox, in case you used it continuously and regularly to register on all these sites.

Top 10 temporary email sites (disposable email)

And in this guide, the best online services that provide both free and paid temporary email addresses. Check them out and keep your inbox free of unwanted messages and unsolicited offers.

EmailOnDeck 10minutemail.com Mailnator TempMail E4ward MohMal ThrowAwayMail GetNada YOPmail moakt

EmailOnDeck logo for temporary email

Although this service provides unique disposable email addresses that can be discarded, it is not recommended for long-term use. This is because the service periodically cleans up its services. In addition, there is no fixed time limit for emails to remain in the inbox and they may not be retrievable after deletion. However, you can restore the email address at any time you want.

(Best temporary disposable email)
2minutemail website interface (Best temporary disposable email)

As the name suggests, the service provides you with an email address that automatically disables itself after 10 minutes. But you have the option to extend the timer for another 10 minutes.

This website is extremely useful if you want to check out some new online subscription services by verifying the email and want to avoid using your personal emails. There are many similar services like 10minutemail.net and 10minemail.com and they all work in exactly the same way.

Mailnator (Best paid temporary email)
Receiving temporary email via Mailnator

Mailnator is publicly available which means the address you choose may also be in use by others. However, any emails you receive will be automatically deleted within a few hours. A paid plan is also available that gives you a personalized alias that cannot be accessed by anyone else.

TempMail app interface for temporary random emails

Another publicly available email service is TempMail. This service allows two people to choose the same alias, so both will receive the same emails. We suggest not using this type of email addresses for registering on any service. This is because it could get hacked if another person is using the same alias and domain.

This service allows you to create email addresses using a dedicated domain. The service will forward all emails with encrypted names to your primary email addresses. It offers free and premium subscription options where the latter provides users with multiple email addresses.

Emails received through this service can only be accessed for 45 minutes. You can